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After having completed his studies in business administration,
Martin Brune
was employed with a worldwide operating accountancy- and tax- consultancy-company for several years after having finished his studies of economics. In context of this employment he was assigned to Hungary.

The experiences in the range of taxation and social security legislation thus resulting are part of his support of expats and assigning companies in his role as the owner of the tax accountancy Brune. His purpose in the course of this is to provide for an active management of his client`s tax situation.

As a result of this experience, his motto is:
Steuern – nicht rudern!
Manage, don’t just paddle! (a German wordplay)

Due to his international taxation knowledge, Martin Brune was appointed as a “Certified Tax Advisor For International Tax Law” from the chamber of tax advisors. He is author and columnist for taxation issues at an English internet magazine.

Martin Brune is a Certified Tax Advisor (Steuerberater) and has been appointed as a Certified tax advisor for international tax law from the chamber of tax advisores. Comprehensive knowledge and expertise of expat tax and social security issues.