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Returning home may be more difficult for you than you anticipated. On one hand you are happy to be among friends and family again; yet back home, you may notice that your own country has become foreign to you and that you somehow out of synch. Your family and friends who remained home during your assignment will be able to relate only partially to your experience. After the euphoria of returning home has worn off, you may feel a sense of emptiness. Upon return to your country of origin, you may find many things are different from how you left them. You may be more critical, while you now view your host country in a more favorable light. From language adjustments to depression to a simple trip to the supermarket, “reverse culture shock” can hit you in more ways than you would expect.

To put it in a nutshell – returning home must also be learned. We can help you to prepare specifically for your return because even here, you must determine a new path for you and your family to follow.

Having worked as an expat in Germany, returning home may be more difficult than expected as it requires a re-adaption. We support and accompany you in preparing your return to your home country.


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