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Expat in Germany

Expat in Germany –
return and future: job and career

Securing success in your new job

Time continued to pass while you were gone. Your company may have experienced organizational and personnel changes. Long-standing contacts may have left and new networks must be established.

What’s more, you return as another person.

How do you deal with these changed situations?
Which possibilities for development do you see for yourself and how should you implement them?

We want to support you after you return. Before leaving Germany, we can begin to work together to plan this phase of your career and to define the first steps to be taken.

What about / How to proceed with / How to relaunch your professional career after returning to your home country? As a former expat in Germany, how can you gain ground again? An individual analysis / An analysis of your individual / personal situation / will provide the answers.


Expat in Germany
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