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Back to the future – discovering your homeland anew

You have organized everything; it seems as though nothing is standing in your way to return home.
And yet getting used to your home country can be equally as challenging as getting used to Germany was.

This can come as a complete surprise for many; especially children can be hit hard by the adjustment. Among peers, they may be seen as something exotic.

We recommend that you integrate elements from German culture into your life back home. By encouraging conversations with your children, you will help them to find their way home.

We assist you during this difficult phase to make your return easier. This way you can give yourself time to settle in and to pursue new goals.

Since you´ve been an expat in Germany one day you will return and discover your home country anew. Although you organized everything you and your children can be hit hard by the adjustment.

Returning home after a longer assignment in a foreign country also requires an adjustment for you and especially for your children. We assist you during this difficult phase.


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