Expat in Germany
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Expat or newcomer –
living in Germany: job and career

The scope of your success – the first 100 days

There are many challenges awaiting you in your new job enlarged with the factor “German culture”. 
The way of dealing with superiors and colleagues may clearly differ from the accustomed manner.

Should you be appointed as a manager or as a project supervisor it is very important to be aware of which management style is common practice in Germany and how to behave when talking to colleagues and customers. We will assist in preparation for your new tasks and will be happy to accompany you for the first 100 days via telephone-hotline.

Our experts do know your situation of facing a different culture from personal experience – we are able to advice you.

Some situations will be new for you as an expat in Germany. Therefore, an optimal consulting is our top priority. While your staying abroad we will accompany you within the first 100 days via hotline.

Expat in Germany
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Living in Germany
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