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All of a sudden, everything is different – at least in the beginning it seems that way. You and your family are constantly bombarded with new impressions which may lead to moments of feeling lost or displaced. Functioning successfully under new conditions has to be practiced.

What can help you is having considered these questions beforehand:

d Where can you meet new people?
d Who can you rely on in an emergency?
d How can you help your children in getting used to their new surroundings and in finding friends?
d How can you combine your previous lifestyle with your new one?

Have you ever thought about how you can continue to practice family traditions and establish new ones?
How can you and your family create or find a new place of leisure?
Take an example from children and learn to explore your new culture with one another.

But most importantly – Share your experiences with one another. That way the unfamiliar becomes familiar and soon becomes part of your everyday existence.

Intensive preparations and continual supervision are not, by the way, only for families but also for those who venture singley to another country. People who approach unfamiliar situations with a sense of curiosity and receptiveness will find it easy to make new contacts. Make certain to find other sources than just your working environment for establishing your social network of friends. We’ll gladly help you take the first steps.

If you are an expat in Germany: Have you ever thought about how can you and your family continue to practice family tradition and establish new ones? How can you create or find a new place of leisure?
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