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Dr. Sandra Flämig

Dr. Sandra Flämig has been practicing law for a number of years , specializing in german labor law.

Since the beginning of her professional life, Dr. Flämig has been dealing with foreign postings of employees. In her role as a doctoral candidate she compiled her doctoral dissertation in the range of labour law and social legislation of the DaimlerChrysler AG under the following subject: “Employees assignment at an international corporation – a comparison in law using the example of the examination of the Netherlands, Japan and the USA”.

Her focus was not only on legal aspects but also on the sociological, cultural and historical aspects of these countries.
As a specialist for german labor law, Sandra Flämig deals daily with people experiencing vocational or personal crises. Supporting them with legal advice is rarely enough to solve their problems. From cases of bullying to “normal” cases concerning protection against dismissal, she is occupied with a variety of questions every day.

She is a member of numerous networks and delivers lectures concerning many topics of labor law. Aside from basic knowledge of the Russian language, she has a good command of the English and Dutch languages.

Her Motto is:
”Where would we all end up if everyone were to say ‘Where would we all end up” yet no one went to see where we all end up if we were to go?
(Kurt Marti)