Experts for expats and newcomers in Germany:
well-advised in all aspects

You would like to know more about the people and the living and working conditions in Germany
Maybe you are not completely sure about how and when to start working in Germany or whether to take your family, and you would like to be advised by an impartial source in making your decision.
Perhaps you need someone to review the foreign posting assignment policy of your company.
Perhaps you are only interested in taxation issues and tax burden resulting from an employment in Germany.

Whether you require a personal coach, cultural expert, attorney-at-law or tax advisor, you will receive individual advice and support from one of our experts.
All experts that are recommended by our association are known for their independent approach in gaining the knowledge required of their respective disciplines, which they then apply both theoretically and practically. They know their field of expertise.
Why not check it out for yourself? Get in touch with us.

As an expat in Germany you would like to discover the German culture and learn more about the living and working conditions. Besides, you certainly have a lot of questions. We offer individual consulting.


Expats in Germany

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