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Boundless success: assess your chances and risks realistically

Whether you are being sent by your employer, accompanying your partner, beginning an adventure on your own or stepping into self-employment, you will have many questions.

As an employee, you will want to understand the posting policy of your company and what this means for you personally. You will be interested in knowing the responsibilities that await you, not to mention just how working in another culture will be. Certainly the topic of salary structure will be of interest to you as well as the degree of support you can expect from your employer.

If you are accompanying your partner, you will want to know about the employment situation in Germany and your chances of finding employment suitable to your career and future plans. You will want to be clear on your own expectations and concerns in order to be able to develop realistic goals.

If you are self-employed or seeking employment on your own, you will want to know the job market and labor laws to be able to evaluate you opportunities realistically. It is important for you to concentrate on turning your stay into a success without having to worry about your livelihood.

After having reflected upon the advantages – and disadvantages – of working and living abroad, you can turn your dream into reality with reassurances of success with or without the support of your employer. We will council and motivate you where necessary.

On this site you will be informed about working abroad: Your chances and risks. How much can you earn as an expat in Germany? How is the employment situation for your partner? We will council you.


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